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Second only to Petra in tourist appeal, the ancient
city of Jerash is remarkable for its unbroken chain
of human occupation. Here at a well-watered site in
the hills of Gilead, you find remains from the
Neolithic times as well as Greek, Byzantine,
Omayyad and others. Jerash’s golden age,
however, arrived with Roman Rule. Today it is
acknowledged as one of the best preserved Roman
provincial towns in the world. Jerash was a member
of the Decapolis, a dynamic commercial league of
ten Greco Roman cities.

When Emperor Hardian visited Jerash in AD 129, it
was already thriving. To honor its guests, the city
raised a Triumphal Arch, just one part of a massive
building program. Today, you can walk, beneath
four imposing gates, or make your own way down
“the street of Columns” the Roman Cardo - running
600 meters north from an oval Plaza. As you step
over the track of chariot wheels still visible in the
paving stones, imagine prosperous citizens
window-shopping on covered sidewalk. Jerash was
an open city of free-standing structures richly
embellished with marble and granite. Its
engineering was so advanced that large parts of the
city still survive today. Much more has been
painstakingly restored by archeological teams from
around the world.

Held in Jerash in July, this festival features folklore
dances by local and international groups, Ballet,
Concerts, Plays, and Opera Tenors, sales of
traditional handicrafts and local theatrical plays and
poetry competitions. All in the brilliantly floodlit
dramatic surroundings of the Jerash ruins. A must-
see if you’re visiting Jordan at the time, and worth
coming for specially.