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Begin your stay in the capital of Jordan, Amman -
Known in history as Rabbath-Ammon and in Greco-
Roman times as Philadelphia.
No more than five hours drive from anywhere in the
country, it is a convenient base for your tour. Your
hosts, the Jordanians, are wonderfully gracious and
welcoming, and most will surprise you with their
excellent English. Business and the art are thriving,
and there are first-rate hotels, restaurants, galleries
and shops. Add to this energetic mix, the mystique
of old Amman, and all your expectations will be

High above the city, at the ancient Citadel, study
the traces of Amman's  many lives: the regal
columns of a Roman temple in silhouette against
the sky, the elegant capitals of a Byzantine
church, endlessly inventive carvings in the
Omayyad palace, fascinating displays in the
Archaeological Museum…and digs and ruins
everywhere you step. At the foot of the Citadel,
take a seat in the Roman Theatre, a deep-sided
bowl carved into the hill and is still used for cultural

In a quiet vein, wander through Rainbow Street,
with its lovely turn-of-the-century villas. Stroll
through shops and Suqs (markets) and find unique
treasures to take home. Take in the music that is
at the heart of Jordanian culture. Pause in the
coffee houses for a game of backgammon, or savor
the sweets and Mezzeh (appetizers) of traditional
Jordanian cuisine.

Above all, as a privileged and honored guest,
delight in the friendship of the Jordanian people and
the heritage and beauty of their land.

Experience, too, modern Jordan, safe and friendly.
Founded by King Abdullah in the wake of World
War I, and ruled by his grandson, King Hussein, as
a constitutional monarch for more than forty years,
achieving a remarkable measure of peace, stability
and economic growth.

For a glimpse of recent history, take a ride on the
Hijaz Railway. This famous train was repeatedly
sabotaged by the Arab troops of Sherif Faisal and
Lawrence of Arabia to defeat the Ottomans. The rail
way retains its sentimental appeal.