Journey Around Jordan

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In this program you will be able to visit most of the beautiful tourist places in Jordan.

Day 1

Meet and assist at Queen Alia International Airport and move to the hotel, The Transfer may take 40 minutes.


Day 2

Breakfast, Transfer to Madaba, mosaic map is part of the mosaic floor of an ancient church in the city of Madaba in Jordan, dating back to the Byzantine era. It is the oldest original map of the Holy Land. It is located today inside the Church of St. Guarajos in Madaba, built in 1896 above the remains of the Byzantine Church. The map of Madaba extends over part of the church floor. Its dimensions are estimated at 15.75 feet, and Jerusalem is its center. View sites in Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, Jabal Al Nabu is a mountain located in Jordan, rising 817 meters above sea level. It is about 41 km from Madaba. Mount Nebo area overlooking the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley, Then head to Ma’in Hot Spring, It is 120 meters below sea level. The Ma’in area contains a total of 63 springs at different temperatures. Ma’in Spa has a five-star hotel resort (Hot Spring Main Resort). The Ma'in Spa houses tourists for treatment and healing or for the purpose of rest and relaxation with its mineral water, which cures many chronic and chronic diseases.

Day 3

Breakfast, Transfer to Dead Sea Area, It is known that the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the surface of the globe. The historic and tourist importance of the Dead Sea basin area is due to the sea itself and its shores. There are some important archaeological and religious monuments in the region such as Masada, Khirbet Qumran and the Cave of the Prophet Lot, all of which have made the Dead Sea an international tourist attraction especially with regard to therapeutic tourism.


Day 4

Breakfast, Transfer to Petra, An ancient and historical city located in Ma'an Governorate in the south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Known for its stone-carved architecture. Petra is a symbol of Jordan and the most attractive place for tourists in the Kingdom. The Petra Cultural Tourism Festival is held every year in Petra to encourage domestic and Arab tourism. It is also known as the "Pink City". Annual events are also held annually with many activities and events.


Day 5

Breakfast, Transfer to Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon because of its similarity with the topography of the moon, a tourist valley is located in the desert of Hsmi in the south of Jordan, is characterized by the existence of high mountains, the highest mountain peaks in the south of the Levant, namely: Mount Umm al-Dami and Mount Ram, Wadi Rum is one of the most areas Tourism in Jordan, which comes to tourists from all over the world because of the natural location, you can enjoy your time with tourism activities in this area camping and tours tours between the mountains on horseback and barbed or using cars SUV. Also include mountain climbing.


Day 6

Breakfast, Transfer to Aqaba, A city located in the southernmost part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the Red Sea coast. Aqaba is known for diving and its beaches overlooking the Red Sea. Tourism in the city of Aqaba is active for a variety of reasons. It is a coastal area on the Red Sea. It has beautiful places to visit, On the southern shore of the Gulf of Aqaba, an exhibition of marine life, the visitor can see the different species of coral, fish and other living things in the Gulf of Aqaba, and enjoy marine activities.


Day 7

Free day in Aqaba City, Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in Aqaba.


Day 8

Breakfast, Transfer to Amman, Enjoy your day in Amman at leisure, Transfer to Queen Alia International Airport.


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Queen Alia International Airport - Transfer To Amman Hotel

Queen Alia International Airport - Transfer To Amman Hotel

Amman Hotel - Madaba - Jabal Nabu - Ma'in Hot Spring - Amman Hotel

Amman Hotel - Madaba - Jabal Nabu - Ma'in Hot Spring - Amman Hotel

Amman Hotel - Dead Sea Hotel

Amman Hotel - Dead Sea Hotel

Dead Sea Hotel - Petra Hotel

Full Day Petra City Tour

petra hotel - Wadi Rum

Full Day At Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum - Aqaba Hotel

Wadi Rum - Aqaba Hotel

Aqaba Free Day

Aqaba Free Day